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Accepted Materials

Accepted Materials

Rowcon Recycling operate a licensed waste transfer & recycling facility accepting a wide variety of waste materials including concrete, brick, asphalt and dirt as well as construction and demolition waste such as timber, cardboard, plastics & metal.
Loads can either be mixed loads and we do the hard work for you or can be separated (as individually listed) which will work out more cost effective for your next project.

Clean Concrete
Clean concrete (less than 700x700mm) containing some steel with minimal dirt or other fines material (less than approximately 20%). Clean concrete contains no foreign contaminants such as paper, cardboard or timber although may contain minor plastics.
Dirty Concrete
Dirty concrete loads consist of concrete and steel mixed and may contain up to 40% approx. dirt or other fines material. Dirty concrete loads may also contain minor amounts of unwanted contaminants such as timber, paper, plastics or cardboard.
Clean Brick
Clean Brick includes brick of any variety or type, containing minimal fines material and steel. Clean Brick does not contain contaminants such as timber, paper or plastic.
Dirty Bricks
Dirty Brick includes brick of any variety containing steel and dirt or other suitable fines material. Dirty Brick may also contain minor amounts of unwanted contaminants such as timber, paper or plastic.
Asphalt Clean
Clean Asphalt loads consist of large or small asphalt pieces of clean excavated slab asphalt.
Asphalt Dirty
Dirty Asphalt loads may contain a mixture of asphalt and some road base or dirt fines and must contain less than 40% fines material.
Fill & Sand Clean
Clean excavated natural material such as sand, soil, dirt, sandstone and shale consisting of 40% or more dirt or fines material. Loads must not contain foreign contaminants such as timber or plastics although may contain minor traces of concrete brick or asphalt.
Rock - Clean & Dirty
Clean & dirty rock varieties accepted up to 700 x 700mm in size. Dirty rock may contain some traces of dirt, clay or rock fines.
Construction & Demolition Waste
Mixed waste loads containing materials typically generated through the construction and or demolition of residential or commercial projects – loads may contain materials such as timber, steel, cardboard, concrete/brick mixed, tile, dirt & plastics etc.

Prohibited Materials

We DO NOT accept any of the following waste materials;

Food Waste
Flammable Materials
Gas Bottles
Medical Waste
Hazardous Materials
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